#7362 1-SUPER MAGNETIC pool cue chalk holder

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 #7362 1-SUPER Magnetic Pool Cue Chalk Holder. This one is VINYL and has a PINK GATOR pattern. I make them with the strongest magnets I can find, they work GREAT! They come with one piece of MASTERS BLUE or a cup for HEX chalk. The chalk cup excepts 7/8" to 1" chalk OR  hexagon chalk. BUT, Once a chalk cup has been used for square chalk it has been stretched to big to hold hexagon chalk, SO , If you use both square and hexagon you will need to purchase a separate chalk cup with a magnet, one for each size of chalk. IF YOU NEED A SPARE CHALK HOLDER the cost is $9.00 each. (POSTAGE TO ALL FOREIGN COUNTRIES STARTS AT $20.00)


#1- Just unfold and slip one half inside and one half outside your belt or pocket.

 #2 - When you need to chalk up slide the chalk holder off and chalk up then replace it to the magnet.

 #3 - When replacing chalk in the holder, warm up the vinyl chalk holder (NOT TO HOT THE VINYL WILL MELT(I use the sun to heat up the vinyl) Then slip a flat screw driver or table knife blade between the chalk and vinyl, prying out on the chalk from two or three sides until you can grip the chalk enough to pull it out. CAUTION: The magnet inside the socket is fragile and will shatter if dropped on a hard surface. The best preventive measure here is not to remove the magnet. The magnets are glued in with SUPER GLUE and should not come loose. ALSO: The magnets have a NORTH POLE and a SOUTH POLE, If the magnet does come out, try to put it back the pointing the same direction that it came out and put 3-4 drops of super glue GEL inside the vinyl before replacing it. Try placing the socket on the leather/vinyl magnet, if it pushes away instead of sticking together, just turn it over in the vinyl socket, or the vinyl chalk holder will work on either side of the leather/vinyl part of the holder.

#4 - Replacement vinyl sockets with a magnet inserted are available for $6.00 each plus postage.