#7360 1-SUPER magnetic pool cue chalk holder

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#7360 1-SUPER Magnetic Pool Cue Chalk Holder. This one is VINYL  and has a BLACK GATOR pattern. I make them with the strongest magnets I can find, they work GREAT! They come with one piece of MASTERS BLUE or a cup for HEX chalk. The chalk cup excepts 7/8" to 1" chalk OR  hexagon chalk. BUT, Once a chalk cup has been used for square chalk it has been stretched to big to hold hexagon chalk, SO , If you use both square and hexagon you will need to purchase a separate chalk cup with a magnet, one for each size of chalk. IF YOU NEED A SPARE CHALK HOLDER the cost is $9.00 each. (POSTAGE TO ALL FOREIGN COUNTRIES STARTS AT $20.00)