#7268 1-QXtender pool cue extension 15" long

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#7268 1-QXTENDER, Pool cue extension. This one is 15" long and gives you a 13" extension. THE ORIGINAL QXTENDER. I make my QXTENDERS with pool cues, so they look and feel like a pool cue. They are made to fit most Pool Cues and fit cues best that are 1-1/4" in diameter at the butt and only use 2-inches of your pool cue. A 13" QXTENDER should fit the long pocket on your case. You should measure this pocket if you intend to carry it in this pocket. The butt has 3 coats of SPAR URETHANE; the head has 3 coats of SPAR URETHANE, and a SOFT MATERIAL INSERT that will not scratch your pool cue. All of my extensions that have any decorations, they are NOT INLAYS they are DECALS and are all individual's, no two of them are alike. There may be a small blemish in the wood of any one of my "QXTENDERS" But, they will be filled with the Polyurethane. The blemishes come from the pool cues that have received the frustrations of a missed shot. It may be visible to the eye but not to the touch. I try to take them all out but there is some that are deep in the wood. PLEASE MEASURE THE BUTT OF YOUR CUE, IF IT IS NOT EXACTLY 1-1/4" PLEASE LET ME KNOW BEFORE ORDERING A QXTENDER. IF THIS MEASUREMENT IS LARGER THAN 1-1/4" (1-5/16") I can build a socket to except it at no extra charge. DEALER INQUIRES INVITED. POSTAGE QUOTED IS FOR DELIVERY TO A US ADDRESS. POSTAGE TO FOREIGN COUNTRIES START AT $30.00.