16-stacks of Chip Pool tournament chips


#9952 1- Set of 16 stacks of 8 numbered chips for playing POOL CHIP TOURNAMENTS. Each stack of chips are identical and there is no 2 stacks alike. You can always add to this set, just send me a picture of the number side of each stack. This way I will not send you stacks that are like any stack in your set, and if you need replacement chips send me a picture of the stack that you want replacements for. (POSTAGE TO ALL FOREIGN COUNTRIES STARTS AT $10.00, Please check on postage before ordering) 

What makes a chip tournament unique is the format. All players receive numbered poker chips based on an established skill level. The weaker players get more chips and the higher level players get less chips (Example SL-7 gets 4 chips and a SL-2&3 get 8 chips). Each game starts with a flip for the break and play one game. The looser forfeits one chip to the tournament director and goes on a waiting list for the next assigned table, the winner stays on that table and keeps all his chips.